are we good enough

We have been around the block for the last decade and counting. Our partners combine rich experience, with unique expertise. We understand content, have worked in its various avatars, and know its ability to make a genuine difference. A big part of content management is to appreciate every client’s unique voice, specific demands, and individual criticalities. Timelines, responsiveness, relationship building, and thought synergy is vital for us – no matter how big or small the client.



We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We don’t generalize content. And we understand how each piece of work is a ‘living entity’ consumed at-a-click by hundreds of internal and external stakeholders.


The Comet was built on these values of quality, fairness, research, adherence to detail, and a passion for the work that we do. In short, we’re all heart, muscle, and brain, in that order.